I have been knitting, writing and publishing this story because it is an issue that represents me and represents the majority of people of all categories, races, nationalities in our worldly world.

I’ve been working on the simulation of the story and writing it by recounting the dialogue between me and other people (Family, Relatives, Friends, Colleagues, etc…).

This story revolves around the “GIRL OF MY DREAMS”, when people ask me or enquire about my social or marital status!!

The story below embodies the facts and attitudes that I face continuously and repeatedly everyday during the last decade of my life.

Perhaps, there are many people who are exposed to the same situation and they live the same subject matter of the story!!

The Story
People: Are you married? Or have you ever been married before?

I: No, I’m not married, and I’ve never had a marriage before.

People: Why? Why haven’t you married yet or never been married and you’re almost 37 years old?!!

I: Well, I’m still waiting for the advent of MY DREAM GIRL!!!

People: Huh, you’re a Complicated person and so Picky… What are you talking about?!! There are no more DREAM GIRLS, especially during the period of time in our current world!!

I: WHY?!! Is it so complicated to find HER???

People: Yes of course, maybe you could have found YOUR DREAM GIRL during the previous period in the old age, where this was embodied in legendary stories and other heroic and historical love stories such as Romeo & Juliet, Abla & Antar and others..!!!

I: Wait a minute, I didn’t say or mention anything about the legendary and historic love stories and heroism during the old times!!!

People: So well, what do you mean you’re not married yet because YOUR DREAM GIRL doesn’t show up until this moment?!!

I: Well, I didn’t exaggerate that much when I said that (I’m still waiting for MY DREAM GIRL to get married)!!

People: Aha, please explain in a detailed and precise manner!!

I: Yes sure people, I’m going to explain what I mean by THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS by describing it in a detailed, precise and concise manner, in the following lines:

– SHE IS a believer in God’s Almighty, NOT without him!

– SHE IS my life partner, NOT just a wife!

– SHE IS a wonderful person with her beautiful spirit, NOT with her beauty, nationality, race, color, money and lineage!

– SHE IS straight and honest about everything, NOT dishonest person!

– SHE IS a human and a female above all, NOT another organism!

– SHE IS natural, simple and sharp in HER external form and HER character, NOT exaggerating in that!

– SHE IS educated or cultured person, NOT uneducated or poor in content!

– SHE IS energetic, smart and organized person, NOT lazy, dumb and unorganized person!

– SHE IS a respectable and appreciative person, NOT without it!

– SHE IS brave, positive, intrepid and enjoyable in all spheres of life, NOT cowardly, passive and boring!

Dear Wonderful People,

Is it complicated to find THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS in our present world, as I have been told by most people?!!

Thanks for your readings and your kind responses,